SHH Interests


Stein House Holdings (SHH) owns and/or carries interest in a variety of companies. In addition to the organizations below, the SHH portfolio includes real estate, art holdings and more. We invite you to explore a preview below and contact us with any questions or opportunities you may have in mind.

Franchise Payments Network


Franchise Payments Network (FPN) is the only payment processing provider dedicated solely to the franchise industry and the Preferred Vendor of the International Franchise Association (IFA). Founded in 2006 by Tom Epstein, FPN works with over 220 franchise brands, providing unparalleled service and pricing designed specifically for each franchise model.


As an Entrepreneur Magazine Top 10 Franchise Supplier four years in a row (2021, 2020, 2019, 2018), FPN consults with franchise owners, helping them best understand processing procedures while providing solutions catered to their operation. FPN is a proud member of the IFA and Electronic Transactions Association and its leadership serves on boards and committees for each.



POLN8 technology helps franchise businesses entice customers to come in more often, try new products, and upgrade orders with POLN8’s all-inclusive solution to consumer loyalty and engagement.


With proprietary technologies such as the POLN8 Promoter and the Cross-POLN8 solution, POLN8 has helped businesses grow both vertically and horizontally across multi-brand organizations.


Across its client portfolio, POLN8 has generated a 17% increase in average ticket sales and 50% lift in customer frequency.


With data on over 30 million unique users and rich-data on over 10 million unique users, POLN8 continues to generate significant ROI and value for franchise brands.

POLN8 powered by 420Financial


POLN8 powered by 420Financial (POLN8) enables cannabis-based businesses to securely accept electronic payments and expand their customer base with built-in loyalty features, all without the burdens of cash.


With its white-labeled virtual wallet solution, POLN8 enables businesses to build their database, revenue, and company valuation. Their customer. Their data.


Empowering a historically underserved business community, POLN8 brings transparency and equity to the cannabis industry, enabling them to handily compete against all businesses in today’s marketplace.



Stein House Holdings (SHH) carries an ownership interest in EOS, an organization expanding the EV charging footprint while revolutionizing how brands and consumers connect.


SHH transformed the EOS business model, creating a recurring revenue model through membership billing, supplemented by audience-building and retention strategies powered by loyalty and referral technologies.


As a result, SHH is providing EOS with payment and loyalty solutions, including developing and powering the official EOS smartphone app and enterprise platform for business customers, strategic partnerships and sites throughout its franchise network and more.